Ride the funivia for an unforgettable view of Naples

Here at Italian Holidays we like to offer you a unique perspective of Italy and what better way to do so than to ride the ‘funivia’ cable car, for an unforgettable view of Naples, the Bay of Naples and Vesuvio. Stunning!

You can read all out our discovery of the funivia right here

Our day will begin climbing to the top of Vesuvio. From here you can see down over Pompeii and onward towards the city and Bay of Naples, and on to Monte Faito. We will then go to the other side of the bay to Castellammare di Stabia where we will take the funivia to the top of Monte Faito from where we can look back at Vesuvio!

  • Pick-up is in Rome
  • We will go to the top of Vesuvio first then to Castellammare di Stabia
  • We will walk along the ridge of Monte Faito for an amazing view
  • We will enjoy a picnic lunch at Vesuvio
  • We will enjoy a traditional Neopolitan pizza before returning to Rome

In the city of Castellammare di Stabia, which is on the south side of the Bay of Naples (you pass under it on the way to Positano), there is a railway station from where the ‘funiva’ will take you from the bay, up to the top of the mountain and it only takes 8 minutes! From the top you can see the whole of the bay and city of Naples, Vesuvio, and on a clear day, even more. A spectacular view of Naples!

The Funivia

The Funivia del Faito was opened to the public on the 24th August, 1952 and is named after the mountain that it carries you to, Monte Faito. It was especially built with the tourist in mind and during the height of the holiday season, expect to queue. It’s recommended that you catch the earliest rides for some of the best sunrise views and less waiting time.

  • Leaves every 30 minutes from 7.05 am until 17.05 pm every day from April 1st through to October 31st (these times and dates are subject to change depending on the weather) *

With the power of two motors of around 180 kW’s you will be taken on a ride through sky, following the mountain side and eventually arrive at the ‘mountain station’ some 1,000 meters high. On the way up the funivia is supported on three stands which are positioned at strategic points in elevation difference. Traveling at a steady speed of 7.5 meters per second, there is plenty of time for capturing your experience for all time.

The ‘funivia’ has the capacity to carry up to 35 people. There are two of them that travel simultaneously, so be prepared to see the other one pass you at the halfway mark. It is a remarkably smooth ride and every effort is taken to ensure your safety. There are regular maintenance checks and wind speeds are constantly monitored as well as a close-circuit television in each car.

We have no booking dates for this particular trip. Please make an inquiry and we can then arrange to take you on your preferred dates. Please note that the opening times and dates of the funivia above *

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Minimum amount of people required - 7

Price includes

  • Round-trip transportation from Rome
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Entrance to Vesuvio and the Funivia
  • Pizza for dinner